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If you have ever visited Holy Jim Canyon you probably wonder about the historic cabins that are sprinkled along the road. Our cabin community consists of two canyons with the Holy Jim Volunteer Fire Department at the entrance to the 'forks'. The cabins have been around since the early 1900's when settlers to the area tried their hand at mining and beekeeping. The cabins then became part of the Forest Service's effort to bring ordinary folks into the canyon for recreational purposes. Today the canyon is known as a peaceful respite not far from the heart of busy Orange County.

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As you enter the canyon

There is a monument beneath the flag pole near the fire barn that pays homage to past cabin owners who have made a difference to our canyons. The poem (pictured) originated from one of our long-term cabin owners. If you visit our canyons, please stop to read about the pioneers who paved the way for the future generation of cabin owners. We hope you enjoy your stay. Remember to "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time." Thank you.


Upper Trabuco canyon is closed indefinitely due to the fire damage and potential for rock slides. Holy Jim is closed for now to all but cabin-owners. It is unknown whether or not the canyons will open any time soon.

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The extreme rains have created lots of brush that will turn into fuel

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