Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Cabin Ownership, Rentals, etc.

Who owns the cabins?

The cabins are privately owned on leased Forest Service land. The lease runs for 20 years at a time. It was renewed several years ago. If the Forest Service decides to NOT renew our leases, they must give us a 10 year notice. Our leases are about $1100 per year, depending on which canyon you reside in.

If I buy a cabin, can I live there full time?

No. Cabins are for part-time recreational use only and are not to be used as primary residences. You must show proof of a primary residence when you purchase a cabin. If the Forest Service discovers you are living there full time, they can revoke your lease.

How can I purchase a cabin?

Individual cabins are listed for sale on such services site the MLS or Craigslist. Occasionally, we list cabins for sale on this website as a convenience to the owner. Purchases are "cash-only" as banks will not finance the cabins since they are on leased land. Most of the cabins for sale will have some sort of sign in the window. All sales must be approved by the U.S. Forest Service before the lease can be transferred. The cost of the lease is based on the canyon where the cabin is located and run about 600-1000k per year. In addition, you DO pay Orange County property tax on the cabins.

What is the difference between the two canyons (Holy Jim and Upper Trabuco)?

Holy Jim canyon has more foot traffic (due to the popular waterfall hike) and more cabins. Upper Trabuco canyon has fewer cabins, larger lots and less traffic. The lease fee is slightly higher in Upper Trabuco canyon due to the larger lot size.

What amenities come with the cabins?

All cabins are "off the grid". This means no city power, water or gas. Some of the cabins do have solar power. Cell phone service is sketchy, depending on your provider.

Can I rent a cabin?

We get many requests regarding cabin rentals. The cabins are privately owned. While some cabin owners may rent their cabin on a short-term basis (with the approval of the Forest Service), the crafter of this website is not aware of, nor can coordinate these rentals. Note: Cabins may only be rented two weeks out of each year.

Where can I purchase an Recreation/Adventure Pass?

Various locations sell the passes. Click here for more information.

Can I camp overnight in Holy Jim or Trabuco Canyons?

No camping is permitted. No forest fires of any kind are allowed.