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Holy Jim Tract
Holyl Jim 3
Cabin 3.
Holy Jim 7
Cabin 7 was rebuilt in the 90's.
Cabin 8 is known as the "Hide Away" cabin.
Holy Jim cabin #10. This cabin is currently for sale. This cabin is one of the few with a garage and was built in 1927.
Cabin 13 was built in 1930 and is in mostly original condition.

Holy Jim #14 has recently been sold. Welcome to our new neighbors!

Not much is known about cabin 15 except the fact that it is in original condition.
Cabin 16 is in original condition.
Cabin 18 was built in 1930.
HJ 17 Cabin 17 was completely rebuilt and has many modern amenities.
Holy Jim #20.

Holy Jim 22 has been lovingly maintained and is beautiful condition.

Cabin 23

Probably the most photographed cabin in the canyon, this picturesque stone cabin was hand-built by the previous long-term owners (Jim and Nola Sleeper). Chapman University students used the cabin as a location for a film.

Purchase price in 1948: $800.00.

Although long-time cabin owner Betty S. passed away a several years ago, this cabin will probably be known as "Betty's Cabin" for some time to come. Betty was an unforgettable lady and navigated the rough canyon road until she was well into her 80's. Rebuilt in the 1980's.
Sadly, this log cabin was destroyed by a fire in early 2009. It will not be rebuilt.
Cabin #27.
Cabin #29 sits all by itself as you enter the parking lot. It is in original condition.
Did you know?
  • Seven cabins were lost to fire in November, 1980, one in January 2009 and two in January 2014.
  • Confederate Civil War Veteran, Josiah Clay Joplin, came to Orange County and had six sons┬áhere. He was a six term Treasurer for Orange County and organized the Trabuco and Olive School Districts. Today, Olive is known as the City of Orange. The little Trabuco Canyon School is the oldest in Orange County. He organized the Humane Society, and was the Director of the Santa Ana Board of Trade in 1889. His son Andrew killed the last Grizzly in Trabuco Canyon. Josiah Joplin passed away at age 88 and is buried in the Santa Ana Cemetery.
  • The last of Orange County's native grizzly bears was killed near the fork of Holy Jim and Trabuco Canyons in 1908. Its crime was stealing honey from the resident beekeepers.
  • A black bear was seen in the canyon in July 1995.
  • The annual Holy Jim auction was started back in the 1950's when cabin owner Jim Sleeper was elected to clean out a vacated cabin. There was such a collection of treasures in the cabin that Sleeper came up with the idea of an auction. The auction has since become an (almost) annual tradition.
  • The first Holy Jim auction was held in 1961 in the home of Charles Schlegel. $300.00 was raised.
  • One cabin owner has a tradition of hiking to Bear Springs each year and decorating a special pine tree with edible ornaments for the birds. Folks, this is not a trivial hike (10 miles total). Can you guess who it is?
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  • All the cabins used to be referred to by name rather than number. For example, there was the "Thank God It's Friday" cabin, the "Casa Verde" cabin, the "Life Begins at 40" cabin, the "Palsey Walsey" cabin, "Outside Inn" cabin and the "Cabin at the End of the Road". If you know your cabin's name, let us know.