Uncle Sam's Playground is Popular, Check Shows

10,000 Persons booked at Trabuco Canyon During Four Months by Rangers

Wild Animals Find Refuge In Orange County Beauty Spot; 60 Cabins Erected

December 9, 1926
Santa Ana Register

Many of the mountain retreats on Orange County were ravaged by the recent fire in the Santa Ana mountains but Trabuco Canyon, considered one of the most picturesque spots in this section, escaped without so much as a bonfire.

According to E.W. Searcy, ranger, there was no ground for anxiety. Although many people thought the canyon to be in danger, the fire was early put under control on the Trabuco front.

Ten thousand people visited Trabuco during the four summer months, according to a check.

Although Trabuco is off the beaten path, many tourists go there because of its famed beauty. Trabuco is 15 miles back from El Toro.

The canyon landlord is Uncle Sam. All of the section is under government supervision as a part of the Cleveland reserve. The property on which cabins have been built is leased. Now leases are opened each year to new cabins and they are snatched up without hesitation by people who want to have a cabin to which they may go week ends and on vacations.

Many Santa Ana people have cabins in Trabuco canyon.

During hunting seasons, wild animals come into the reserve for the protection that is afforded. Many deer may be seen there now.

Trabuco was first opened up before the World war but the first leases were not let until four years ago. Now, there are 60 cabins completed and more being erected each year. Metropolitan chapter of Order of DeMolay, Los Angeles, has one of the most attractive sites in the canyon.

The first cabin erected in Trabuco Canyon was that of Charles Bright. Some of the early leases were let to F.L. McKenzie, of Long Beach; Charles Wagner, of Orange, and Charles Scott, of Long Beach.

There are two picnic grounds in Trabuco canyon that are for the use of the public. Trabuco creek flows through the canyon supplying domestic water.

Precautionary steps are being taken to prevent fires by cutting fire breaks. A trail crew is now at work. About $20,000 is being expended. The crew is making headquarters at Trabuco canyon while at work on the fire breaks.

Water to Cabins
Santa Ana Register, Monday, October 4th, 1926

Rustic Cabins Add Charm To Trabuco Canyon

Margaret Scott Cabin Margaret Scott Cabin (from Long Beach CA)
Platinum  MineMetropolitan Chapter Clubhouse Order of De Molay (from Los Angeles CA)

Ray J. Burger Cabin, Contractor (from Long Beach CA)

Charles Weggener Cabin (from Orange CA)