Past Canyon Wren Issues

What is the Canyon Wren?

The Canyon Wren was a canyon publication put together by long-time cabin owner Jim Sleeper and his wife Nola. The newsletter contains valueable information regarding cabin history and is a hoot to read!

Many thanks to my colleagues at the UCI Library for helping me find more Canyon Wren issues!

Canyon Trivia

  • In 1970, the Forest Service land lease was only $75.00.
  • Cabin HJ#17 was listed for sale
    in 1961 for $2000.
  • Longtime Trabuco Canyon resident Sam Porter used to donate one bomb hoist per year to the Holy Jim Auction. He acquired them from an auction held at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.
  • Depending on the reference source, the word "Trabuco" has a couple different meanings. One being a "musket", another referes to it more as a "blunderbuss" (or trebuchet). One thing is clear - it is a type of weapon.
  • Years ago, the Hells Angels and Hessions motorcycle gangs payed a visit to the canyon. The police decided to remove them in the middle of the night using several school buses as transportation. To the amazement of the cabin owners, the Harleys were left behind and stayed in the canyon for a day or so until they could be hauled away.
  • In addition to the many books written by former cabin-owner and OC historian Jim Sleeper (1927-2012), there is a book written by Gordon Bricken titled "Pioneers in Blue and Gray" that discusses canyon history.