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Gertrude (right) during her early days at the Red Hill station in Tustin. The Red Hill  Fire Department consisted of all volunteers until 1963 when the first paid firemen were hired. The building was replaced by a newer station in the late 1970's after the OCFA assumed responsibility for the department. I remember taking a tour of this fire station when I was a kid growing up in Tustin.

Gertrude in Tustin

Gertrude in South Laguna, 1969

More information about the below photo from Mike Palmer and Don Croucher:

"The individuals are Captain Bob Schultz (Later Irvine Lake FS15) on the right and on the left is Engineer Larry Pride who came to Station 6 from the Airport Station. Larry was later recruited by the Australian Country Fire Service to come go to Australia as a career firefighter. They were assigned to B Shift at Station 6. Up to that time Station 6 had been a Volunteer Staffed Station until 1969.  When career personnel were added to supplement local volunteer firefighters in South Laguna unincorporated area, the station was staffed by two persons career crews, a Captain and an Engineer, but no firefighter.  The career crew was augmented on responses by the volunteers. These guys were the very first career crews at Station 6 in 1969. 

· A Shift personnel were Captain Tom Ricker and Engineer Mike Palmer 
· B Shift personnel were Captain Bob Schultz and Engineer Larry Pride 

The apparatus assigned was the Crown fire engine, a GMC Rescue Squad and the GMC Brush Engine.  The GMC brush unit was a early 50's era flatbed truck that had been reconfigured into a pumper, by adding a skid mount pump, water tank and gear. In its prior life with the OCFD, this GMC was the truck that Orange County had used to carry the adobe bricks to the building sites where the county's old adobe fire stations were being built in the early 50's.  Mike identified stations at Red Hill, Los Alamitos and Cypress.

As I recall, these were the old volunteer stations that were build from Adobe Bricks. FS12 in Cypress , Old La Habra county station, FS2 in Los Alamitos now the local historical society building, Oceanview (Huntington Beach off Golden West) which I think has since been demolished, FS20 in Orange Olive, FS21 old Red Hill on Red Hill in Tustin and the back part of the old Trabuco Volunteer Station FS18. Possibly also Sunset Beach was in this group but I don't recall if it was completely an adobe."

Gertrude in Laguna Beach

During the late 1960's and early 1970's the 1948 GMC was the second roll engine (9206) at the old County of Orange - South Laguna station. Here she is sitting outside the shops at the old Water Street headquarters of the OCFD/CDF Orange Ranger Unit, circa 1975 or 1976. Note the raised hood on the Chrysler skid mounted engine behind the cab. (Photo by Larry Arnold).