Lower and Upper Trabuco Campgrounds - Vintage Photos

In all, there were three campgrounds: Lower Trabuco, Upper Trabuco and the Forks. Upper Trabuco campground was located between cabins #12-13 and #14-15. Lower Trabuco Campground was located between the ranger station and cabin #1. The Upper Trabuco (b/w) photos were taken by cabin owner Mark's family. They visited the campgrounds before they purchased their cabin and brought the family (Mark's mother and uncle). The photos are dated between 1950-1956.

The color photos of Lower Trabuco (circa 1962) were provided by cabin owner Jim's family. Jim is the young boy in the photos. The little girl is his sister. Jim still visits the canyon! What an adventure it must have been to come to the canyon in the 50's and 60's!

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