Yaeger Mine 2008 - A Spelunking Adventure

Jacob Yaeger (1861-1928) was able to eek out a living and support his family (wife and four children) with his ore mining efforts. He had a cabin at nearby Yaeger Mesa where he lived while working on the mine, but eventually went to live in Fullerton where his house still stands. He passed away Los Angeles Herald, Tuesday, July 12th 1897at age 66 after spending 42 years in the canyon.

"A few years before his death, he was informed that San Francisco capitalists had agreed to aid in the development of the project.", Santa Ana Register, Tuesday June 5th, 1928.

This mine is well off the beaten path and very difficult to find. The hike alone is quite treacherous. Needless to say, we will not reveal the location of this mine.

The main entrance to the mine has been sealed up as of Summer 2009.

Additional information on the Yaeger mine.

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